Two New Albums

I recently mentioned how I can get behind with regards to reading particular books. I might come across a book years after it has come out. Again, in today’s world, if you get a hold of something a few years out, you are way behind.

I find this true of myself with regards to the music world as well. My wife recently found out about 30 Seconds to Mars, a band led by actor Jared Leto, originally from the hip show when I was a teenager, My So Called Life (he played Jordan Catalano).

The band originally began in the late 90’s, hence I am way behind on this. But we came across this song over the past weekend, Kings and Queens. Fantastic music and lyrics. I don’t suppose Leto is a believer, though I don’t know. But the words (and music) seemed quite spiritual. See the video of the song below. Two other popular songs that might be of interest are The Kill and From Yesterday (though the videos are interesting, to say the least; nothing bad for the eyes, just interesting).

Finally, one band I have enjoyed over the past decade has been Lifehouse, which originally began in 2000. The lead-singer, Jason Wade, seems to have a personal faith in Jesus. But, as with U2, the lyrics are sometimes more overtly spiritual-Christian and sometimes less overt. I have no problem with this. I am only recognising such.

Lifehouse’s first album, No Name Face, seemed more spiritual, as he also notes in the album cover that they came out of a Vineyard church in California, even referencing speaking in tongues in one of the songs on the album. But records like the third, self-titled album were maybe less spiritually lyrical.

With their new album, Smoke & Mirrors, I have really enjoyed the song From Where You Are. I like the first single, Halfway Gone, but I like this other song even more. You can hear it below.

Hope you enjoy my musical tastes.

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