The Great Trinity Debate

Over at Parchment & Pen, a blog I visit quite regularly, there will be a six-week focus on the doctrine of the Trinity, mainly being debated by two theologians – one a Trinitarian and the other a Biblical Unitarian. This has been in preparation for a couple of months now, so it should be a very stimulating read for all interested.

The Trinitarian is Rob Bowman, an evangelical author and apologist. The Biblical Unitarian is David Burke, a Christadelphian heading up the Christadelphian forums.

So far, there have been four major posts, as noted below:

Again, you can keep up with new and upcoming articles by checking back at Parchment & Pen each week. I hope good, solid theological discussion takes place and that a Christ-like attitude is displayed by all.

2 thoughts on “The Great Trinity Debate

  1. Scott

    Interestingly, I debated a oneness theologian for 90 minutes on TV last year on the subject of the Trinity. I also did a two hour ‘popular’ explanation of the Trinity with callers some time before that …. search for John Tancock Trinity in youtube to see the programme.

    The Tv company are lining up a non trinitarian to debate with me I I will follow THIS debate with interst.

    hope you are well Scott,

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