The Worship Industry

I thought this video was quite thought-provoking and beautiful, speaking deeply about worship and art. I know that many a evangelicals are a bit skeptical of Brian McLaren’s views on certain doctrinal and theological issues, but regardless, I believe this video provides some refreshing thoughts for the American and western church to consider in regards to worship.

4 thoughts on “The Worship Industry

  1. Interesting video, and I agree with the whole worship industry thing. One of the reasons I love Casting Crowns is they are a mainstream christian band that produces songs that reflect the reality of life, rather than some sugar-coated fantasy.

    On the other hand when we sing and praise God (worship in the narrower sense) there is a place for declaring truth about God and our lives that we don’t yet see. I agree with Brian that God and his Word can deal with me feeling doubtful, stressed, lonely and faithless. However when I listen to ‘worship music’ or praise God on a sunday morning I can still declare truth despite my situation: in my weakness God is strong, He has authority over all things and I can trust in His faithfulness and goodness.

  2. Yes, I felt similar thoughts, Paul. My main reason for posting the video is its challenge of the ‘worship industry’ in the US and other western nations. It is harmful to our spirits to have such.

    I am very passionate about worship – in its larger context of our lives as living sacrifices and in the more specific context of corporate worship and individual worship in song. We are called to declare, speak forth and sing the truth, which you point out. That is why I like Ps 42:5-6:

    Why are you cast down, O my soul,
    and why are you in turmoil within me?
    Hope in God; for I shall again praise him,
    my salvation and my God.

    We might not ‘feel’ like it at times, but praise draws us in to see the eternal pleasures of God. This is why I like Piper’s thoughts on Christian hedonism and the role of delighting in God in our lives as the highest goal. I posted an article linking to 2 great messages by Piper here – Two Messages On Worship.

  3. Love it. Totally agree. Our leader dominated and consumerism society reflects itself in our church culture. As I have been leading worship in this past season I am seeing this culture even more widespread in the western church. Its is an attitude that we have to guard against on a regular basis because it is so ingrained in our thinking. When my own fear or pride trys to grab the reigns and “make it happen”, I must go to God and surrender to him. Also, people with a heart for worship should be thinking of creative ways of involve the whole body….. prayerfully and graciously.

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