SuperBowl Spirituality

Well, for the second year in a row, I won’t be watching the SuperBowl. While it starts at 6.30pm on the east coast of America, that means midnight in Belgium. And with it usually lasting at least 3 hours, probably more like 4 hours with the longer half-time concerts these days, I don’t feel the excitement of staying up until possibly 4.00am (especially knowing I have my Dutch class starting at 9.00am).

I had planned to watch it the next evening, Monday, with some American friends, since we have slingbox capability to record it in the US and view it via the internet. But, I’m now planning to go away for a few days with my family to the south of Belgium. Should be a nice little 3-day getaway. Thus, I will pass on another year without the SuperBowl.

I suppose people are expecting the Colts to win, but I might just pull for the Saints to get this one. Well, there’s always next year for observing this most holy day in America.

Still, in ode to the holy day, I post this cartoon below.

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