Teachings On the Lord’s Supper

The past two weeks at Cornerstone, I have taught a two-part series on the Lord’s Supper, or communion.

During the first week, I looked at four areas in particular: 1) a little background from the Passover, 2) the different terminology surrounding the covenant meal, 3) the four varying views concerning what happens to the bread and wine, and 4) who should participate in this meal.

In the second week, I specifically looked at 1 Corinthians 11:17-34. One important part of the passage we considered is vs27-29, this being misunderstood by quite a few. I also took time to focus on some specifics with regards to the elements: whether the bread must be unleavened (without yeast) and whether the element representing the blood can be fermented (or alcoholic). Finally, I pointed out an interesting mission aspect in regards to the Lord’s Supper.

The two messages can be downloaded at our podcast (message one, message two) or you can download them for free from iTunes. You can also listen to them right here on my blog by clicking the audio icons below.

The Lord’s Supper (Part 1)

The Lord’s Supper (Part 2)

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