Water Baptism – Audio & Notes

baptismThese past two Sundays, I have gone through a short series on the topic of water baptism. This is an integral part of church life, as presented in the New Testament. Specifically, I looked to cover four main areas:

1) The concept of the sacraments

Here I give some brief thoughts surrounding this word and varying other concept such as the ‘means of grace’.

2) The relationship between salvation and baptism

As evangelicals, we are committed to the truth that salvation is by grace through faith alone. We cannot work nor merit our way into God’s favour. Such acceptance as sons and daughters of God is by the pure and unmerited beautiful grace of God (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Yet, the New Testament does speak of water baptism as intricately connected to our salvation (there were at least seven passages I considered). So, does baptism save? Does it bring about the new birth? Is it just a symbol? What about all these questions.

3) The three varying modes of baptism

Here I consider whether all three modes of baptism – sprinkling, pouring and immersion – are acceptable according to Scripture.

4) The candidates for baptism

Lastly, I end out by looking at whether infant baptism (paedobaptism) is something that can be fully established in Scripture. Or, should only those confessing Jesus as Lord be allowed in the waters of baptism?

You can listen to or download the two part series at our podcast site. Click here for part 1; click here for part 2. And, if you would be interested in a PDF format of my notes, you can download them by clicking on this link – WaterBaptismNotes.

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