Charts on World Religions & Denominations

Over at a blog I visit quite often – Parchment & Pen – the author, Michael Patton, posted some interesting charts as food for thought. The charts detail the numbers and percentages of particular world religions and denominations.

See the charts below and leave any comments if you like.

World Religions Chart 1

World Religions Chart 2

Christian Traditions Chart 1

Christians Traditions Chart 2


Christian Denominations Chart 2


4 thoughts on “Charts on World Religions & Denominations

  1. I didn’t make the charts. But typically all groups labeled as ‘cult’ don’t believe in the Trinity, or those who don’t believe in the Trinity are labeled as ‘cult’. There are those are labeled as ‘sect’ (which seems not as harsh as ‘cult’) that still hold to the Trinity.

  2. It’s OK, I wasn’t blaming you for the charts. But it does make me laugh when any non-Trinitarian group is automatically categorised as a “cult”, regardless of whether or not it actually possesses any cult-like characteristics.

    “Sect” is the accurate term, and you will find it used appropriately by standard authorities. “Cult” is only legitimate if the group is demonstrably cultic, though I’ve noticed evangelicals simply use it as a weapon against anyone they don’t like.

    If you want to see a real cult in action, look no further than Hillsong Church. They’re the crooks who run the Gloria Jeans coffee chain.

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