Eschatology Resource

As one who personally likes to teach on the topic of eschatology, since I believe there is a lot of unhealthy teaching on the subject, I do appreciate posting good resources for such.

I’ve done it before by referring to Kim Riddlebarger’s blog and the plethora of (audio) resources he has made available. Though he is amillenial, and I lean that way, I still think they are worth consideration in studying such a topic.

But, recently, John Piper and Desiring God ministries have posted both the audio and video of what is entitled, ‘An Evening of Eschatology’. Specifically, four pastor-Bible scholars gathered together to graciously discuss varying millenial views. Those four men were John Piper (of course), Doug Wilson, Sam Storms and Jim Hamilton.

So, feel free to click on this link for a solid resource involving good and healthy discussion on the topic of eschatology. I hope you enjoy!

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