Skillet’s New Album – Awake

SkilletI must admit that I am a Skillet fan. I wouldn’t say that hard rock is my favourite genre of music, but John Cooper has always been able to maintain a melodic flavour to his hard rock, keeping my ears listening to those power riffs and raw vocals. And knowing Skillet came out of Memphis, my ol’ home town, and that they came out the of the church I have been a part of in Memphis, I would only expect to have an affinity for the group.

Just a few weeks back, on 25 August, Skillet released their eighth full-length album entitled Awake. I am quite surprised, and happy, to see that they are #2 on the Billboard Rock albums. Even more, they are #22 overall on the Billboard 200, not to mention they entered the Billboard 200 charts at #2 overall, selling a mere 67,000 units in their first week. Pretty solid stuff.

I am quite surprised to see that Monster has become a slightly more popular tune than Hero. I personally like Hero, since it maintains a more melodic hook than does Monster (at least for me). Nevertheless, Monster has peaked at number #11 on the itunes rock charts and number #20 on the mainstream rock charts, ‘making it the second most successful single in the band’s history,’ to quote Wikipedia.

I have yet to buy the album, so as to hear the full list of songs. But I think I shall take up that feat on this holiday trip to the States.

In all, I am happy for Skillet as they have faithfully pursued their call in God for the past 14 years. It all started in a little music club in Memphis – 704B – and has now taken off fully into the mainstream stage with the chance to reach millions.

Keep at it guys.

For those interested, below is the music video for both Hero and Monster.

Hero Video

Monster Video

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