Celebration 2009

Lifelink Int LogoThis past week, a few of us from Cornerstone International were able to join the Lifelink International churches for Celebration 2009 in Swansea, UK. Each summer, the churches of Lifelink gather in the UK for a long weekend of preaching, teaching seminars, worship, youth and kids meetings, food and lots of time together as friends and family.

This year was no different. The theme was Worship His Majesty. And despite the overly rainy weather (it’s Wales, what can you expect), we were looking forward with anticipation to be with the Lifelink family.

The messages in our main gatherings included:

  • Dave Latham from Liverpool speaking about the fire of God.
  • Guy Lister from Chester speaking about the worship due to our God.
  • Andrew Scotland from Rugby speaking about God inconveniencing His people.
  • Ian Rawley from Cambridge speaking about the praise that should come from the lips of God’s people.

Each message was followed with a time of response to the word, specifically looking to pray and speak prophetically into the lives of God’s people. Some of these times of ministry were also given to prayer for Spirit filling and healing. And why not? There should be no holding back when the covenant family of God gathers together.

The times of corporate worship were quite powerful being filled with song, celebration, dancing, bowing, stillness, Spirit-songs, and a whole lot more. But more importantly, we were grateful to know God’s presence in our midst, moving amongst us, speaking to us, changing our lives.

On the final morning together, we had the usual family service in which the youth led the time of corporate worship with each varying age group sharing a bit of what they had done during their time together. Even one of the youth shared about how he had been healed in his knee this week – swelling immediately leaving and full movement given back to his left knee. Amazing!!

But, even in the midst of all of these things, it was simply great to spend time with the various leaders and churches within Lifelink. It is a beautiful thing to share our lives together and hear about what is going on amongst our churches. I would not trade it for the world.

So, with it looking as if Celebration will be on hold for the summer of 2010, as the training base of the Lifelink churches shifts from Swansea to Rugby, we await to see when the next gathering will be for the family of churches. But, until then, there will be plenty to get on with and quite a few opportunities to gather together over the coming months.

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