Gallagher Guitar

Gallagher 1

Gallagher 2

Gallagher 3

Gallagher 4


G6G2 G5 G3 G4 G7


6 thoughts on “Gallagher Guitar

  1. I know alot more ABOUT guitars and guitar playing than I can actually play which is practically nothing. I know if I would have stuck with it 30 years ago, I’m sure I’d be a world class player today. I still love guitar music.
    Meet the then 15 or 16 year old Matthieu from the north of France:

    • Of course that’s finger pickin big flat fat wide fretboard nylon string classical there. I just just watched that again. He’s playin his own harmonies in there. This kid can also make your face bleed with some metal too. And bluegrass and country and jazz and blues.
      Speaking of Jazz. How bout the also then 16 year old Jess Lewis. It took me about 15 minutes to get my jaw back in place over this young lady too.

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