This is something I have been wanting to do for a few weeks now, that is, sharing some thoughts on a few blogs I frequent. So, below is a handful of blogs, more of a theological nature, which I regularly visit. To a certain extent, I appreciate them all.

InternetMonk: Michael Spencer, or otherwise known as iMonk, has been blogging for numerous years. He is probably one of the more known evangelical bloggers out there. Matter of fact, I recently heard him state that he has, on average, 1,500 to 2,000 downloads for his podcast. Knowing those numbers, I assume he has at least double that in daily hits on his blog. But iMonk has a passion to challenge much of the current evangelical church of America, and this is interesting to note when considering his Southern Baptist connection. So, it’s almost like he is a ‘voice in the wilderness’. In general, iMonk is not interested in holding back his thoughts on particular topics. He usually says it as it is. Thus, considering his articles and method of approach in blogging, and knowing my own heart, one would easily see why I am drawn to such a blog.

Parchment & Pen: Michael Patton has a great ministry that spans quite broadly. He leads Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, which has been instrumental in initiating a few other interesting things:

  • The Theology Program, which offers eight classes in theological training
  • Theologica, which is a discussion forum with some 1400 members involved in regular discussions of theology, doctrine, politics, life and other such relateable topics

But, within his blog, Michael comes to us with a reformed theological background. So, again, if you know me, I am drawn more towards a reformed understanding of Scripture. Thus, you can see why I would be drawn to such a blog. Yet, I also find myself disagreeing with Michael on some occasions, as he likes to stay more within the lines of a typical evangelical theologian. I like to challenge those lines, where I believe it healthy and necessary.

Dust and Light: This is a newer blog to the blogging world, but one started by three of my friends. They summarise their intent with these words: By the name Dust and Light we have tried, as unpretentiously as possible, to refer to an intermingling of the visible, tangible, material realm (represented by the word ‘dust’) with the invisible, intangible, spiritual realm (represented by the word ‘light’), in the thought and content of this blog.

Breaking it down even more, the desire of the three is to combat against a more gnostic understanding of life. ‘What?’, you say. ‘I thought that was only in the first century.’ True, but it has continued to exist throughout the 2000 years of Christianity. Basically, gnosticism tries to tear apart the ‘physical’ from the ‘spiritual’, or the ‘natural’ from the ‘supernatural’. One is seen as good (spiritual) and one is seen as bad, or not so good (physical). But rather than pitting the two against one another, Dust and Light looks to bring a healthy perspecitive that both are good, as created by God. No doubt both ‘realms’ have been invaded by evil. Yet, both were originally created good by God (including what we can see with our eyes), and God has a desire to redeem all.

Therefore, their articles take on a very holistic approach to theology and its interaction with the physical world at hand, including things like culture, art, sciences, philosophy, etc.

Challies Dot Com: I’m relatively new to Tim Challies blog, but he has been blogging for a few years now, and is, therefore, also quite known in the blogging world. On his bio page, he states that he is a conservative, evangelical, reformed, protestant Christian. That should satisfy those who love labels. Knowing his reformed roots, I am sure that is why I am drawn to read his articles. But, even more, what I find from Tim is a real, authentic and insightful guy sharing his heart on particular theological and other relevant topics. He speaks truth, but does so humbly. It is these things that draw me in even more.

There are definitely a few other blogs I frequently visit, some more than others. If you scroll down my own blog, you will see I have feeds from twelve different blogs coming in. So, feel free to view the four above and the others listed below. But, for the record, these are four specific bloggers I enjoy visiting on a regular basis.

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