Eschatology Resource

As most of you know, I have my leanings toward covenant theology and specifically an amillenial approach to eschatology. Eschatology simply means ‘a study of last things’. Amillenialism specifically teaches that we are in the milleniun, or thousand year reign of Christ (Revelation 20:4-6), right now. The number 1,000 is a figurative number standing for a long period of time. Thus, we have been in the midst of Christ’s reign from His first coming and will continue to be until His return.

Therefore, with the prefix ‘a-‘ meaning ‘without’, a better term for amillenialism would probably be realised millenialism. Hence, we are currently realising Christ’s reign. This is the specific position where I lean. I believe Christ is ruling now and has authority over all heaven and earth now (Matthew 28:18; Ephesians 1:19-23; etc), though every knee has not bowed and every tongue has not confessed yet. This will take place when all things are summed up in Him at the end of the age (1 Corinthians 15:23-25).

Therefore, I thought I would share an interesting resource with free MP3 teachings you can download. This is found at Kim Riddlebarger’s blog. Riddlebarger is one of the foremost teachers of the modern era on amillenialsim. His most famous book is The Case For Amillenialism, and he has also written Man of Sin – Uncovering the Truth About Antichrist.

Therefore, if you are interested in some healthy teachings on the topic of eschatology, visit his blog and keep your eye on the right side of his blog while scrolling down. There you will find MP3 audio files you can download with teachings on topics such as:

  • What Is Amillenialism
  • The Basic Elements of New Testament Eschatology
  • Interpreting Bible Prophecy
  • The Biblical Doctrine of Antichrist
  • The Dragon, the Beast and False Prophet of Revelation

There are also audio files containing other teachings.

To be honest, when most people address topics regarding eschatology, it is many times approached with a very sensational, doomsday projection, with a heavy dash of date prediction. But Riddlebarger will not go down that line. He will not try and guess when Christ will return or who the antichrist might be. Rather, his intent is to look at the Biblical text and overall theological concepts, which I believe is a more helpful and holistic approach.

So, I would encourage you that, if you are interested in studying eschatology, head on over to Riddlebarger’s blog. It will be a helpful tool as you study ‘last things’.

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