Sermon – What Is Church?

Starting a week ago, we began a new series at Cornerstone on ‘church’. Thus, I will look to post the audio file on my blog each week. You can also go to our podcast site and download the audio clip for free, or you can search for Cornerstone International Church in the iTunes Store as well and download the message for free from there.

I have also written a few articles on my blog about the nature of the church. Click here to read the first article.

3 thoughts on “Sermon – What Is Church?

  1. I like Luther’s definition…

    “The Church is where the Word of God is proclaimed in it’s purity and the sacraments are administerd in accordance with that Word (and where the people believe it).”

  2. Thanks, Steve. While I don’t necessarily disagree with that statement of Luther’s, I would be careful as to not define ‘proclamation of the Word of God’ as a 30 minute sermon on Sundays. Nor do we have to approach communion and water baptism in an overly structured way. These things are breathe life on us, by the Word and Spirit. Thus, the Word can come through gathering in a home and someone sharing what God is doing in their life, followed by sharing the bread and wine. That is beautiful, and that, I do believe, is ekklesia.

  3. Scott,

    So true! The Church is the people…wherever they may gather (or more correctly where the Spirit gathers them)

    I do, however, like the structure of a liturgical church, for the grounding in Christ that it provides. It acts as an anchor to the Word (what Christ has done for us) so that we don’t float hither and yon in the way that some untethered Christians do, feeding the appetite of the day or whatever the whim of the preacher and or congregation.

    Great post,Scott!

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