Nosugref: Backwards Step

archOn August 9, 2014, a neighborhood on the north side of St. Louis endured a community-altering situation. It all happened in a mere 120 seconds – a struggle ensued between Michael Brown (and friend) and police officer, Darren Wilson; 12 shots were fired, Brown was hit by 6, one was the fatal shot to his head.

Three and a half months later, the grand jury decided not to indict officer Wilson. The conclusion: there was no probable cause that Wilson acted criminally in his 2-minute altercation with Brown. Following the announced decision, shockwaves were felt around much of the African-American community of not only Ferguson, but the whole of the U.S. Continue reading

Monday Music – Spacehog

spacehogIn the past, I have tried a regular Monday morning practice of posting up a song from the 1980’s, in particular, one that I personally enjoy. I’m going to try and pick up that practice again, but this time it will include various songs from both the 1980’s and 1990’s. There’s so much good stuff from the 2 decades that cover the formative years of my life as a young boy and teenager. Hence, my desire to focus on a 20-year period.

Today’s Monday Music comes from the British glam rock band, Spacehog. The single comes from their album Resident Alien and it’s entitled In the Meantime. This album hit the radio waves in 1995, the year I turned 16.

Enjoy! Continue reading

It’s Time Protestants Speak Biblically About Water Baptism

water baptismI truly appreciate Protestant and evangelical writers who bring some thought-provoking ideas to the table. From Scot McKnight to Jamie Smith to N.T. Wright to Daniel Kirk to Roger Olson. They all are a great read.

Another such theologian is Peter Leithart. I don’t get to read him as often as others, but his blog can be found at First Things. He recently wrote a guest piece at The Evangelical Pulpit and it’s entitled, “No Sacraments, No Protestantism.”

I’ll let you check out the full piece, but suffice it to say, I expect the article to push some theological buttons in regards to water baptism theology for most Protestant evangelicals. However, his whole thesis is about Protestants speaking more biblically about baptism. He remarks: Continue reading

Being the Church in a Not-Quite-Yet Postmodern Era of Today

churchA couple of months back, I posted an article reviewing a new book entitled Slow Church: Cultivating Community in the Patient Way of Jesus. I claimed it was one of the best books I had read in my nearly 18-years of following Jesus. I believe it offers much for the church to consider on how to be the local church in our western, 21st century world today.

Postmodern has been emerging for the past few decades – but we’re not there quite yet in America. We are still driven my a more modernist approach, especially within the church. Continue reading