Advent 1: Job (the guy in the Bible) and Christmas

job and 3 friends

Tomorrow begins the season of Advent. It’s a time in which the historical church has set their eyes toward remembering the coming of the promised messiah. Plenty of reflections and messages will be shared from the Gospels. Many will turn to some of the prophets as well, including the well-known Isaiah.

One place the church will probably not turn to is the book of Job. Yet I want to offer something here of why the book of Job just might be a place we turn to this Advent season. Continue reading

Women, Prophets, and Church Leadership

WomenPreach2Recently, Perry Noble, pastor of megachurch NewSpring, wrote an article defending the idea that women should preach. To that, theologian Tom Schreiner wrote a response for The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW).

Though from a Southern Baptist background, Noble is open to a more egalitarian stance, at least to allow women to preach. Schreiner has argued for what can be identified as traditional complementarianism (men are the leaders in both the home and church). His overall perspective was that Perry Noble fails to persuade in his article for women preaching.

I think Schreiner has some fair thoughts on the holes in Noble’s arguments (though not Noble’s conclusions about women preaching). However, both Schreiner’s final argument – that women should not preach – and the path of how he got there (at least in this brief article) fall short. Continue reading

That Holiday We’re Not So Sure About

jack o lantern

Christians have deliberated on the value of Halloween for decades on end. No doubt, many Christians would rather decline an invitation to dress-up in a costume and march around the neighborhood, all with the intent of speaking the infamous words, “Trick or Treat,” at each door knocked upon.

So, is Halloween harmful, even evil? Or is it just a simple ploy to get some free candy? I mean, can’t we just dress up as clowns or firemen (or Bible characters) in our attempt to collect some complimentary candy? Continue reading