The Great C.S. Lewis on Desire

weight-of-gloryMany might have read or heard this quote before from The Weight of Glory, but below is a stirring quote by the great C.S. Lewis on desire.

Perhaps every desire that does arise within, even every wicked desire, is simply calling us towards he who is The Desire. Maybe we should not immediately suppress, push away these desires, but rather ask why such desires truly exist.

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Visible Music College New Campus – Chicagoland

It’s that time of year – kicking off a new academic year! With things launching as usual at our Visible Music College main Memphis campus, we are now launching a new Chicagoland campus this academic year. To see learn a little about that new campus site, check out the video below.

What is Visible Music College – we train and equip musicians, technicians, and business professionals in skill and character for effective service in the music industry and in the church.

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The Soundtrack of Life

I’ve written about this subject before, but I was taken back to the concept recently as I was driving down the road.

You know our favorite movies – maybe The Lord of the Rings trilogy or Gladiator, maybe Inception or Star Wars, maybe Pride & Prejudice. And there are a host of others. One of the special things about these movies are the soundtracks, the music, the songs. Memorable, stirring music that invites us into the story. We are outside the narrative story within a particular movie. However, when particular songs start playing (like when the fellowship first leaves Rivendell), something makes me want to jump through the screen and join Frodo and Samwise. Continue reading

PT Podcast 12: Issues the Church Faces Today – Same-Sex Relationships

podcastAfter a 3-week hiatus, we are back on track with the Prodigal Thought Podcast. We continue our short series on issues the church faces today, picking up a very pertinent matter: same-sex relationships and marriage.

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Conversation & Food

143070391There are many things one might enjoy in life: a good book, writing, poetry, a café au lait, bike ride through the forest, mountain climbing, a swim in the summer heat and so much more. However, for me, not too many things stand up to the beautiful act of sharing conversation over a meal.

Not the superficial standard chat about sports, weather and work (though I do not claim such topics are bad, some of them even being necessary at times). But deep, open and authentic conversation about life. Continue reading