N.T. Wright Speaks at Google

A couple of weeks ago, N.T. Wright was invited to speak at Google. Interesting, to say the least. I don’t believe Google is looking to “Christianize” itself by any means. Rather, they probably brought in a top-notch, well-known Christian scholar for ratings.

Regardless, he was at Google and he took the time to speak on a topic related to his newest book, Simply Good News. His premise: good news is not the same as good advice. Christians announce good news, not good advice.

Watch it below.

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What the Hades?! (Part 4)


It’s been a few weeks, but I want to get back on track and post the next installment in this series on hell. Thus far, I have posted 3 articles: 1) discussing the nature of the words sheol and hades, 2) looking at the oft-discussed passage of Luke 16:19-31, and 3) considering the word gehenna, which is the word usually translated as “hell”.

My contention is that most popular discussion around the topic of hell is not greatly centered in the ancient Jewish understanding embedded in Scripture. This leads to some problematic interpretations and understandings of the various terms and concepts. And I believe it ultimately steers us toward an unhealthy view of God.

In this article in particular, I want to consider specific descriptors such as eternal and everlasting, especially as they are used in phrases like, “eternal punishment” and “everlasting destruction.” Continue reading

The Shack, Scripture, Ancient Jews, & Modern Americans


Yesterday, I posted an article with some details about the upcoming release of a film based upon the book, The Shack.

I’ve been watching interaction from a couple of different places on social media and, as expected, it is once again stirring up memories of the split-decision from 7-8 years ago when the book was released. Many see the value of the book; many see it as dangerous material.

Because of my recent work around the area of missiology (study of missions), I’m regularly thinking about contextualization. What does it mean to communicate the truth of God, the word of God in a particular context?

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The Shack to Be Made Into a Film


Recently the news came out that, The Shack, mega-selling book by author William Paul Young, is being made into a film. The release date looks to be projected for some time in 2016.

If you will remember, with the release of this book in 2008, it caused quite the split-decision amongst evangelicals. The response was comparable to Marmite (if you’re British you’ll understand that reference). People generally either hated it or loved it.

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A Fellowship of Differents

a fellowship of differentsI recently received a copy of Scot McKnight’s newest release, A Fellowship of Differents: Showing the World God’s Design for Life Together. McKnight is one of the premier New Testament scholars of today, yet he also continues to release books that speak to a popular Christian audience. This new book falls in that latter category.

I sense a journeyed theme in McKnight’s 3 most recent major releases from the past few years. From King Jesus Gospel, which lays out a more biblically-rooted and apostolic understanding of the gospel, to Kingdom Conspiracy, which offers thoughts on the intricate connection between the kingdom and the church, and now on to A Fellowship of Differents in which McKnight presents his case for what the local church should consist of and be like – these books flow well together in the themes being addressed.

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