Human Beings, Not Human Doings: A Call to Create Space

clockMaybe The Matrix was right. We’re just programmed units doing a job, filling out a task force, being driven by machines. Such a thought makes me shutter, though. Does it for you as well?

The drudgery of our daily habits does lend itself to such an approach to life. Think about our jobs, our families, our churches. We are directed by the programatic pressures of western society.

Listen, I’m not against the simple daily habits of life. We all have daily rhythms we enter in to. And I love that word rhythms. Some might call them rituals. Both are correct. It’s just that one causes an unnatural churning in our stomachs when we think about it. Hence, why I use the word rhythms. But I’m not against the daily habits and rhythms of life. As humans, we need them and should appreciate them. Continue reading

It’s That Time of Year Again: Halloween

It’s that time of year again. This is the season where God displays his beauty in the shades of orange, yellow, red and brown through the leaves that hang from trees. For me, it is also a time of anticipation as we lead up to the holiday season of Christmas. But during this period, it also launches the infamous day of Halloween. And thus, I share my annual Halloween post. Continue reading

Kingdom Conspiracy

kingdom_conspiracyA month or so ago, I received a review copy of Scot McKnight’s newest release through Brazos Press. It’s entitled Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church. McKnight is one of the leading New Testament scholars alive today and I have personally appreciated his writings, especially his 2 books The Blue Parakeet and The King Jesus Gospel. You can also check out his blog, Jesus Creed.

His new release is almost like a “part 2″ of The King Jesus Gospel, taking us a bit further in not just understanding the gospel, but the kingdom of God and the church. Continue reading

Can Science & Theology Work Together?

Sunburst_over_EarthIn a theological forum on Facebook, I recently saw these, and similar, questions posed:

“How do you personally believe science and theology can work together? In other words, what limitations do you place on science? Only to the point of contradiction…or do you adjust your hermeneutic? Secondly, how would you evangelize or disciple a biology student who believes he has to choose between science and Christianity?”

They are good questions, one’s that Christians have been engaging with for centuries (if not always). I offered some thoughts on the forum and, so, thought I would also post them here for any conversation.

What do you think?

Here are my thoughts below (side note: I used all caps for some words because Facebook doesn’t allow for bold or italics).

Continue reading

My Working Thesis on Our Fear of God’s “Earthiness”

earthinessIt’s possible I might have come on to something. A few weeks ago, an idea hit me pretty strongly. It might simply be some bad pizza from the night before, or I might be on to something. So I’m simply using this as a place to think through some thoughts, a kind of journal, if you will.

A few months ago, I had already written on the problem of our fear-driven biblical interpretation. Not healthy fear, as in reverence for the Lord, but a fear that the Bible really doesn’t fit the paradigm for which many of us argue. But I want to talk about another fear.

What’s that fear. I’m calling it the fear of God’s “earthiness”. Continue reading